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Network Security

Our world is driven by information. Infrastructure and networks use data to travel, store, and process information. Anyone and any system can access systems from anywhere. The foundation of any safe organization is a secure and robust network. In the absence of a strong network infrastructure, all other security measures will not work. Network security assessments are essential audits. It is a review of your system’s security measures that aims to find vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Us

Securityboat offers customized network security services. We identify any potential entry points for cyberattacks both within and outside your organization, so that your network, devices, and data are secure. Creating and maintaining secure networks is our expertise.  We have experienced consultants who can design and deploy large, sophisticated networks. These networks include multi-tiers of security controls. Today’s networks are borderless and perimeter-less. Access to any resource is possible from anywhere. Traditional perimeter firewalls are no longer effective at providing network security. Therefore, organizations’ vital information assets are vulnerable to unauthorized access and security risks.

Securityboat employs the next-generation firewalls. In addition to providing more layers of defence, these firewalls provide granular access control and protect vital information assets from unauthorized access.