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Penetration testing identifies and addresses vulnerabilities in GCP infrastructures that could be exploited by hackers. Security measures are in place for Google’s infrastructure backend, but each company must ensure that the components within its environment are secure. We offer services that ensure your configurations are secure and help you to detect how your infrastructure may be hacked.

Why Choose Us

In our Google Cloud penetration testing services, SecurityBoat identifies configuration and security issues on your Google Cloud infrastructure, as well as providing recommendations on how to improve your cloud security posture. SecurityBoat’s expert cloud pentesters identify security vulnerabilities, exposed credentials, and misconfigurations that allow them to access restricted resources, elevate user privileges, and expose sensitive data during Google Cloud penetration tests. Our pentests go beyond configuration review and automated scanning to identify actual security gaps by exploiting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Our report includes a prioritized list of vulnerabilities as well as actionable suggestions for reducing risks and securing GCP attack surfaces.