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AWS security assessments are one of the best ways to assess your Amazon Web Services environment’s security and address any concerns you may have. Business owners can look forward to clear, definitive answers when it comes to how their cloud environments and systems are performing on a risk basis and whether any urgent remedial action needs to take place.  With SecurityBoat’s AWS penetration testing service, we identify configuration and other security issues on your AWS infrastructure and offer recommendations to strengthen your cloud security posture

Why Choose Us

During our expert cloud penetration tests, SecurityBoat’s analysts identify vulnerabilities, exposed credentials, and misconfigurations that allow our cloud pentesters to gain access to restricted resources, elevate user privileges, and expose sensitive data.

The AWS pentesting service detects files with public access, S3 buckets available on the Internet, and security gaps in your AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) configuration.

We deliver to you a comprehensive report with prioritized vulnerabilities, actionable recommendations, and resources for reducing risk and securing your AWS attack surface.