API Security

API Security

As the world around us becomes increasingly interconnected through internet connections, the need to build secure networks grows infinitely. APIs continue to be an integral part of business strategy across industries, and they are unlikely to slow down anytime soon, especially as the Internet of Things gains traction. Every year, thousands of APIs are available over the internet. A recent study estimates that the global cloud API market will reach US$ 1,424 million by 2025. A key factor contributing to the growth of the cloud API market has been the increasing adoption of cloud technologies. While we see an increasing API adoption trend, there are also security risks that lies beneath it.

APIs allow applications to exchange data. Hackers can access sensitive data on your website if they breach API security.  Among the other consequences of an API security breach are data leaks of customers, defacement of your website or business, which can severely affect your brand’s reputation in the market and hurt your revenue.

Why Choose Us

We at Securityboat ensure that all of the organisation’s primary API security concerns are identified and remediation measures are undertaken according to priority. As part of our API security assessment program, we aim to find high-risk vulnerabilities as soon as possible and take immediate action on them in order to prevent any underlying threats through our highly preferred manual and automated methods.

  • Extemly low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance