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Android Application Security Assessment

Android devices are currently the most popular computing technology; most people prefer to use them. They have made our lives simpler but also raised security concerns. Google’s Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system; as a result, malware writers have targeted it heavily. Applications for Android can be downloaded from either an official store or an unofficial store. Google enforces various security policies for secure distribution of applications, but third parties use less efficient methods or do not have any. On Android, using applications can be complicated, as many users wonder how their data is shared with other apps.

Why Choose Us

The android penetration test imitates an attack on an android application. We seek to uncover any vulnerabilities in the application, from binary compile errors and improper data storage to more conventional issues like username enumeration and injection. At SecurityBoat, we go beyond simply testing for vulnerabilities. Additionally, automated tools and scans can only provide a limited amount of insight into risk levels and ways to prioritize them. With a realistic simulation of the attacks that your organization is most likely to experience, we will be able to provide a more comprehensive picture of your risks, which will allow you to allocate your resources accordingly.

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