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ThickClient Assessment

The majority of thick client applications fail to undergo rigorous testing since the focus is usually on web and mobile applications. However, these apps can be vulnerable to serious security issues, like memory corruption, injection, and client-side trust issues. Vulnerabilities like this make it possible to completely compromise systems where the thick client software is

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Wireless Network Security Assessment

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Firewall Configuration Review

Firewalls play a crucial role in network security by preventing data leaks and cyberattacks. A firewall configuration depends on the type of network, such as public or private, and permits or denies access based on security rules to prevent malicious software attacks and hacking. Why Choose Us As part of our firewall configuration and rules

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Server Security Hardening

Despite the increased sophistication employed by hackers for both external and internal attacks, around 80% of all reported breaches continue to exploit known, configuration-based vulnerabilities. In order to avoid a data breach, server or system hardening is essential. Why Choose Us Installations of operating systems by default are not necessarily secure. An unauthorized server can

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