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Basics Of HTTP Request Smuggling

HTTP request smuggling is old but very interesting vulnerability. In 2019 it was reborn by James Kettle. And from that time, HTTP request smuggling is gaining huge popularity among the security researchers in cyber world. Http request smuggling can lead to bypassing internal security controls, and this can further lead to gaining access to protected

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Thousands of facebook account compromised by Flytrap FlyTrap, a new Android Trojan that has spread to over 10,000 victims through social media hijacking, third-party app stores, and sideloaded applications, has affected at least 140 countries since March 2021. The zLabs team examined the forensic evidence and concluded that this previously undetected malware is part of

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Android Application Security

What is android application testing? Android Application Penetration Testing Methodology is a security testing method used to analyze a mobile system’s security from the inside. Penetration testing for mobile applications focuses on client-side safety, file system security, hardware and network security. Android app testing reduces risks, tests potential vulnerabilities, and examines software to ensure an

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