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Redefine the way you respond to security assessments. We deliver all of our penetration testing services using the PTaaS delivery model.

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Industry Expertise


As a retailer, quickly adjusting to customer trends will help you grow your business. But are you prepared to effeciently counter  fast-evolving cyber threats? Data breaches, ransomware, and denial of service attackers affect significant retailers and stores and e-commerce websites of all sizes. Our services will help you mitigate cybersecurity risks across the supply chain and detect and respond to data breaches more quickly.


Manufacturing is the third most vulnerable sector to experience a data breach. But it’s among the least protected. As a result, manufacturers must assess cloud readiness and risk posture and identify vulnerabilities and cloud configuration errors that could expose intellectual property and other sensitive data to cyber risks. Our services will help you detect such threats.


Cybersecurity in healthcare and protecting information is crucial for the normal functioning of organizations. Today healthcare organizations use various hospital information systems such as EHR systems, e-prescribing systems, practice management support systems, clinical decision support systems, radiology information systems and computerized physician order entry systems. Our security experts will help you with risk assessments and provide you with various security controls to keep your hospital information system safe.

Oil And Gas

Oil and gas as a sector are among the most attacked ones in cyberspace. Operations such as exploration (probe and detection ), drilling, refining are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Our services will help oil and gas companies to secure the entire crude-oil lifecycle beginning from upstream activities such as robing and exploration to midstream and downstream operations across transport and retail.


Insurance companies are known to store vast amounts of data about their policyholders. This practice makes them vulnerable to cybercriminals. Providing real-time insurance and financial services with a flawless and frictionless customer experience requires the latest infrastructure technology and highly skilled personnel, and our security experts will help you achieve that.

Public Services

Public services are being routinely and mercilessly subjected to low-level but high-volume attacks. For a developing and densely populated country like India, providing public services catering to the needs of the masses is a challenge. To achieve economic growth with this underlying challenge, going digital is an important step. However, Digital India is not possible without a protective wall of cybersecurity.


Cyber Security Solutions Built On Customer Trust

We collaborate closely with our customers to understand and provide sustainable value to your business to ensure immediate and ongoing success. We believe that no single organization can do it all. So our team works closely with our customers to provide the best solution to combat advanced threats.

Our Approach to Security



Our team will conduct a functional analysis of the application, user functions, business logic, and application structure. When code analysis is used, the entire application's codebase is evaluated.

Threat Modelling

Here we build a application's threat profile. Our threat models are developed following your business's requirements for application security. This results in tailored security testing that goes beyond standard web application pentest

Assessment Plan

The web application security assessment plan details the research strategy used to conduct security checks. The test plan would cover possible exploit methods that could jeopardise user rights, business logic, or transactions



Consultants conducts the application security test plan during this time. Security experts pivot the strategy to simulate actual hackers by using their extensive expertise. This potentially results in the discovery of additional vulnerabilities that may result in findings of critical bugs.

Root Cause Identification

It is the process of discovering the root causes of problems to identify appropriate solutions. Then, we collaborate quickly to determine and isolate the vulnerability and initiate corrective and preventive actions to ensure the vulnerability cannot be exploited again

Report Submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and or exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorization along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.

Walkthrough Call

We set up a walkthrough call with a client to explain every vulnerability from the final report if needed. Along with that, we also provide proper remediation suggestions to the client for easy and fast mitigation

Remediation & Retest


Every vulnerability has its own audit trail which contains remediation notes, to help track what remediation actions were performed, by whom and when. After you have flagged vulnerabilities as ready for retesting on a project, you can request a round of retesting to be performed.

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